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Anonymous asked:

Hey Danny, I remember on your mini-documentary about depression you mentioned that you also suffered from it. Don't answer if it's too personal, but how did you manage to overcome it and look at everything with optimism? Do depressive or pessimistic thoughts still try to poke into your head from time to time?


Absolutely. All the time. It’s not about tricking yourself, or finding a miracle cure. For me it was about understanding the root, and learning to be in control of my emotions a bit more. And for me that started with therapy. Talking really, really helps. Like posting this questions probably did. More than anything I’d encourage people to talk to others. Professionals, friends, family, whoever will listen. Because I found my understanding through dialogue and understanding and I wish nothing less for others. 

Just remember you are not alone, and you never will be. For better or for worse, depressed people are everywhere, and we love you :)

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